We are Globalpsy

We work for and for mental health in a positive perspective.
Building well-being of the hedonic towards the eudaimonic.

Our origins

Globalpsy is a civil organization that was born in 2017 with the aim of promoting an approach to well-being, mental health and psychiatry integrating new approaches and perspectives in a transversal way. Its founder, Hernán Alessandria, a doctor specializing in medical psychology and psychiatry, brought together other experts in wellness, education and health to develop his project.

Globalpsy believes and intends to collaborate in the construction of a new accompaniment model with regard to psycho-emotional well-being. To do this, it promotes and disseminates practices, knowledge and resources from a holistic, non-reductionist perspective, based on empirical evidence.

Global beginnings

GlobalPsy nace de la mano de Hernán Alessandría, especialista jerarquizado en psicología y psiquiatría médica y de Héctor Arroyo, referente en trabajo comunitario y comunicación, con el objeto de trabajar sin ánimos de lucro en la promoción e integración de redes en salud mental, bienestar y educación emocional.

September 2017
1st year
I° Adolescent Suicide Prevention Days

El evento fue creciendo de manera exponencial superando en la edición 2020 los 1500 inscriptos.

September 2018
2nd year
2° Adolescent Suicide Prevention Days
November 2018
2nd year
1° Healthy Days

Con el objetivo de promover el concepto de salud en su dimensión holística y de divulgar y capacitar a la comunidad, se organizan las primeras jornadas con la participación de destacados especialistas.

3rd year
Intervención Yoga en la Universidad Nacional de La Plata
September 2019
3rd year
3° Adolescent Suicide Prevention Days
November 2019
3rd year
2° Healthy Days
4th year
Nuevo programa de Mindfulness y Resiliencia para la reducción de estrés.
September 2020
4th year
4° Adolescent Suicide Prevention Days
November 2020
4th year
3° Healthy Days


Investigate, train and spread the knowledge and tools for the construction of
well-being understood as one of the pillars of the notion of health.


Promote and spread the foundations of Positive Psychiatry both in academic and community settings from a non-reductionist holistic perspective aimed at valuing everything that benefits well-being, both for oneself and for the whole of humanity, from the beginning of the common good and solidarity (the so-called eudaimonic well-being, beyond the simply hedonistic).


● Build networks and add perspectives and points of view on well-being and holistic mental health.
● Explore new fields and horizons in the field of wellness and positive mental health, from a holistic and integrative perspective.
● Spread the tools and techniques for the integral development of people and communities, and their relationship with the natural environment.
● Value knowledge and resources based on scientific research and empirical evidence.
● Encourage alliances with institutions and other organizations to promote new innovative projects, both in the field of research, such as education, training and dissemination.
● Encourage socio-cultural activities on the promotion, prevention and protection of health.


Dr. Hernán Alessandria


Hierarchical Specialist in Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Former Disciplinary  Ex Referrer Psychiatry Residences
Residency Management Commission
Principal Investigator Santa Teresa de Ávila Clinic,



Dr. Hernán Alessandría is a graduate of the University of La Plata in Medicine.
He entered the Residency System of the Province of Buenos Aires after receiving a scholarship and there he developed internships in Neuropsychopharmacology. Subsequently, he completed a Master's Degree in
Mental Health Management and a Postgraduate Service at the San Martín de La Plata Hospital (H.I.G.A).
In 2007, he was summoned as Head of the Crisis Attention Service (CAS) of the Hospital “Alejandro Korn” Melchor Romero. Three years later, he leaves that position and begins his work in the "Chronic Area" or "Room G". This is the sector in which long-stay patients are found, that is, those who have been hospitalized for more than three months.
There he implements, after a detailed and detailed analysis of the state of the sector, a "small revolution": the Project "Room G, Open Doors" with an objective as simple as quixotic at the same time: to restore the rights of interned women by giving a better quality of life away from stratifying routines and with the aim of, in the medium and / or long term, they could finally reach discharge.
The mission of Room G was to prioritize the task of Rehabilitation of the person and as a Vision, to rebuild the identity of the women who were part of the sector as unique beings and subjects of rights, with an active role in their own recovery integrated into the community " . To achieve this, Dr Alessandria bases his strategy on the formation of an interdisciplinary group that included therapeutic companions -both permanent, rotating and supervised-, community screenings and workshops.

Founder and President of Global Psy civil association, belonging to the international movement of Positive Mental Health.
Principal Investigator of the Research Center of the Private Clinic Santa Teresa de Ávila.
Promoter of the G room project of the Alejandro Korn Hospital of Melchor Romero in the city of La Plata. Province of Bs. As. Argentina.
Former Reference of Residences of Psychiatry of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires.
Co-founder and member of the Disability and Mental Health Board of the Consultative Council of Civil Associations of the Secretariat of Institutional Relations of the UNLP.
President of the Positive Psychiatry chapter of the Argentine Association of Psychiatrists, member of the Positive Psychiatry section of the WPA.
Secretary of the Mental Health Board of the Consultative Council of Civil Associations of the UNLP.

Specialists who are with us in the Healthy Days

Dr. Juan José Fernández

Consultant Physician in Pediatric Clinic, Neonatology, hierarchical in General Psychiatry and Medical Psychology and in Child-Adolescent Psychiatry.

Silvia Graciela Montoya

Graduate in Psychopedagogy and Education Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Basile Héctor Segundo​

Doctor of Medicine and Psychology with an Honor Diploma. Psychiatrist and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

Cristian Plebs

Doctor graduated with a Diploma of Honor from UBA. Founding member of PANAACEA. Consultant at APADEA. Coordinator of the Emotional Intelligence Program of the Hans Christian Andersen School (ARG)

Cristopher Willard

Bachelor of Psychopedagogy and in Education Sciences.

Marilina Rotger

Teacher with a diploma in neurolearning, neurolinguistics, educational management and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Alberto Loizaga

Clinician, psychoanalyst, writer, Meditation and Mindfulness instructor. National and international speaker on issues related to health and the development of human values.

Hernán Javier Aldana Marcos

Doctor in Biological Sciences (UBA). Researcher and teacher. Neuroscience Specialist.

Mag. Cristian Ponce de León

Founder of the Association of Argentine Regional Cuisine. President of the Professional Gastronomic Council of the Americas. Food security representative for the United Nations in Latin America. Master in development of management competencies Harvard University.

Hernan Alessandria

Hierarchical Specialist in Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, Former Disciplinary Referrer Psychiatry Residences, Residency Management Commission, Principal Investigator Santa Teresa de Ávila Clinic, President of the Positive Psychiatry chapter of the Argentine Association of Psychiatrists, member of the Positive Psychiatry section of the WPA, Founder and President of GlobalPsy.

Antoni Paris López

Bachelor of Biology (University of Barcelona). Master in scientific communication, medical and environmental (Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona). Writer, disseminator and trainer.

Martín Gomar

Psychologist. Graduated with a diploma of honor (UBA). Writer. Executive Secretary of the Latin American Association for Analysis, Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Director of the Foundation for the development of scientific approaches in Mental Health.

Mariana Chua

Teacher, Primary Level Director and writer. Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, esp. in Education and in emotional management processes for children and adults. Diploma in emotional education.

Norberto Baumgartner

Cardiology specialist. Secretary of the Integrated University Hospital, Faculty of Medical Sciences (UNLP). Staff physician of the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Unit of the Cardiology Service, Hospital "San Juan de Dios" in La Plata.

Sandra Noemí Wac

Medical Specialist in Medical Clinic and Hierarchical Specialist in Nutrition. Coordinator of the "Nutrition and Public Health" Working Group of the Argentine Nutrition Society-SAN. Coordinator of the "Provincial Celiac Disease and Adult Feeding Program - CELIARED" - of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Gustavo Rodriguez Gil

Specialist in Rheumatology (UBA). President of the Association of Rheumatology of the Province of Buenos Aires. Member of the Argentine Society of Rheumatology.