We believe in psycho-socio-emotional well-being as a pillar of Health
We are guided by the principles of the Psychology and Positive Psychiatry Movement based on scientific evidence
We focus both on the strengths that we have as individuals and on those of our community

We are Globalpsy

We are a non-profit civil association dedicated to the integration of networks and knowledge in mental health and emotional education.
We are part of the worldwide movement of Positive Psychiatry and Psychology, an approach whose challenge is to advance the well-being and happiness of people, placing the emphasis on human strengths and virtues. For this reason, we are also open to medical advances and complementary therapies that contribute to this objective.


What do we offer?

Wellness tools

Mindfulness workshops, yoga practices, workshops, trainings, webinars and other
proposals for mind-body interventions.


Mariana Chua

Every Tuesday 6:00 p.m.

Short Online Practices
Zoom ID: 517 688 5069
Password: 706300

Every Friday 11am

Karina Novillo


Duration 60 ‘
Meeting ID: 850 9774 0946

Yoga Nidra

Leticia Cazorla
Duration 25 ‘

Annual events

Year after year, Globalpsy offers the community a Adolescent Suicide Prevention Day,
a meeting in which knowledge and practical tools are exposed to address a topic that
should stop being taboo. In addition, we invite the best specialists to join the Healthy
Days, a three-day meeting in which we build well-being together.

Adolescent Suicide Prevention Days
Healthy Days
placa yogaterapia


“It is important that each person can realize that they have the internal capacity to be able to solve any situation, not all of us realize this, but when you get to be able to realize this, the world is a world of possibilities, and not a world of impediments”
Yoga Teacher
“I want to thank for all this knowledge provided throughout the classes, during this time. Everything they gave us is invaluable. I have a lot of material to start walking and knowing myself on this path of personal growth and stress reduction. That sums up the value of these tools that came to me today, through GlobalPsy.”
University Student
“So I think that from that look, from that thought, I think that yoga has helped a lot, not only to study or to grow in the future that I have but also to my social life. And that's what I appreciate about yoga today.”

They are with us

We have the international recognition of the referents of the World Psyquiatric
Association section and as a community extension representatives of the Positive
Psychiatry Chapter in Argentina.