Meeting of the year of the References of Positive Psychiatry around the world

On Thursday, January 13, the 1st meeting of the year of the Referents of Positive Psychiatry around the world was held,

The activity was opened by Dr. Samantha Boardman, co-chair of the WPA Positive Psychiatry Section. (World Psychiatric Association)

The founder of the movement, Dr. Dilip V. Jeste presented Samantha’s new book “Every day vitality” recently published. Researcher Helen Lavretsky was present among other prominent figures. Mental health and the social determinants that impact it were discussed, alluding to the times in which we live.

When opening the floor to referents from other regions, Doc Jeste invited the Referent from Argentina, Dr. Alessandria, to tell about the work of the new Chapter of Positive Psychiatry in Argentina and its actions through Globalpsy, its community arm, to throughout this 2021.

The highest referents congratulated the effort made by the movement in Argentina, waiting for the report that we are going to send them.

Personally and as a team we are proud and feel a great responsibility for belonging and acting based on this new and comprehensive way of approaching Psychiatry and Mental Health.