MINDFULNESS – Emotional intelligence and resilience: towards shared well-being

Webinar / Christian Plebst, Christopher Willard, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Resilience

More than 500 spectators participated live in the webinar “Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience” that had the contribution of true specialists: Christopher Willard, Christian Plebst, Andrea Loescher, Javier Cándarle and Paula Moreno. Organized by Globalpsy.org.ar, the meeting that was broadcast through its YouTube channel, brought to those present such profound notions as the importance of shared well-being, mindfulness and mindfulness in the education of children.

Moderated by Mariana Chua and with the introduction by the president of Globalpsy, Hernán Alessandria, during two hours the specialists were presenting one by one to, finally, answer the questions of those present. «Excessive thinking does not bring harmony. Harmony has to do with using all the intelligences, “said Plebs at the beginning of his talk in which he emphasized the importance of the practice of mindfulness, among other points.

With simultaneous translation, Willard gave a talk in which he pointed to the well-being of children and even offered the tools to share a breathing exercise with the little ones in the house by doing something as close to them as holding a cup of chocolate hot and blow to warm it.

Trauma specialist Paula Moreno, meanwhile, contributed her experience of approaching children integrating mindfulness and compassion as the way that connects us with our own humanity. Andrea Loescher, for her part, emphasized mindfulness as a fundamental internal resource, along with self-registration, self-care that enables expansion and a more genuine way of connecting with the other.

Finally, Javier Cándale spoke about the steps towards a living presence where reactivity leads to benevolent love, compassion and empathic joy. The closing, meanwhile, became a large round trip between the specialists and those present.