Teachers: emotional protocol for self-care

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Hernán Alessandria, Mariana Chua y Marilina Rotger, dictaron el webinar Protocolo Emocional: Autocuidado para Trabajadores de la Educación.

Hernán Alessandria, Mariana Chua and Marilina Rotger, gave the Emotional Protocol webinar: Self-care for Education Workers.

The pandemic put them center stage, albeit quietly: teachers had to change teaching habits and strategies. Without even thinking about it, they were forced to mediate their classes through electronic devices and to deal with children’s duels, colleagues. With them in mind, Globalpsy presented the webinar “Emotional Protocol: Self-care for Education Workers” organized by the District Committee for Teacher Training of the province of Buenos Aires.

More than seventy teachers participated in the meeting that took place last Friday and which included the president of Globalpsy, Dr. Hernán Alessandria, the neuroeducation specialist, Marilina Rotger and Mariana Chua, facilitator of Mindfulness as trainers and speakers. What is the emotional protocol for teachers? What tools does it offer? What does Positive Psychiatry and Psychology have to do with this perspective? What are the benefits of mind / body interventions applied in the classroom? were some of the axes that structured the meeting that ended in a round trip between speakers and those present to deepen the shared themes.